This is the Megasquirt 1 V2.2 one of the earlier of the Megasquirt family of ECU's which was designed to run Fuel Injection only, but with some simple mods it can also run  the Ignition , favorite is the Ford Edis system, as that way it can run 4-6 or 8 cycls,  the Edis system  is the Ford Module and coilpack, 36-1 Crank Trigger Wheel and VR sensor ( Edis Stands for "Electronic Distributorless Ignition System" ) so a nice simple and cheap Megasquirt to start with, you can also build or use seperate board for VR input circuit, and fit seperate coil drivers if you want to drive the coil pack direct so no module, which is a bit more complicated, so for all options have a good read of the MS Extra Manuals, there is a link above.

To help you choose which MS here is a link so you can compare the differences between MS1, MS2, and MS3

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         Megasquirt 1 v2.2

MS 1 V2.2

The MS 1 V2.2 is a great Value entry level ECU which can run your Fuel Injection, and if you have a 36-1 Crank Trigger Wheel and a VR Sensor, and with some simple mods you can run the Ford EDIS ignition system which can fire your spark plugs in wasted Spark Mode, for  4 - 6 or 8 cycls

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MS 1 V 2.2  Unassembled Kit 245.00

MS1 V2.2 Fully Assembled, comes with a resonable MAP to get you up and running, wiring diagram you can download from this site (Link), DB37 Plug, and DB9 cable to connect to your pc,Price 375.00 +  Shipping + VAT.

MS 1 V 2.2 Extra Code  Fully assembled and modified, 2.5 Bar MAP sensor, good for normally aspirated or Boosted Engines to 30psi max, modified to run the Ford Edis module and coil pack so will run a 4,6 or 8 cycl wasted spark + your Fuel Injection, comes with a resonable MAP to get you up and running, wiring diagram you can download from this site (Link), DB37 Plug, and DB9 cable to connect to your pc, Price 395.00 + and Shipping + VAT.


Megastim V2.2 Price (Fully Assembled) 95.00 + VAT

As above unassembled Price 75.00  + Shipping + VAT

JimStim fully assembled 175.00 + Shipping + VAT

JimStim unassembled 155.00 + Shipping + VAT

Bluetooth Adaptor for your Megasquirt 1,2 or 3 with 1 Mtr Cable to plug straight into your DB9 socket so you can run Shadow Dash on your Android Tablet all set ready to go, Price 85.00  + Shipping + VAT

Jaws Wideband Controller with a digital display fully assembled Price 245.00 + Shipping  + VAT


Megasquirt Relay Board (Fully Assembled) Price 125.00  + Shipping + VAT

2 Foot Loom with DB37 plug on each end to connect relay Board to Megasquirt Price 65.00 + Shipping + VAT

Manifold Air Temp Sensor ( Open Element) with Plug &Tails ( calibrated for MS) Price 26.50 +  Shipping + VAT

Manifold Air temp Sensor (Open Element) not calibrated for MS so you will have to calibrate with Easytherm, Price 21.00 + Shipping + VAT.

USB Adapter ( That works with Megasquirt) Price 26.50 + Shipping + VAT.


5 Foot Labeled Wiring loom ( all labels printed) with DB37 plug already installed and Light Weight Plastic Hood ( so will not damage your MS DB 37 pins when racing on or off road ) Price 115.00 +  Shipping + VAT.

1.5 foot ( 460mm) Wiring Pigtails ( all labels printed) and DB37 Plug with Light weight Plastic Hood ( ideal for racing or off road enviroments) suitable for MS 1, 2 or 3 Price 65.00 + Shipping  + VAT

DB37 Plug with 8 inch Tails ( all labels printed) Price 35.00 + VAT

Or if you want to make your own short or full loom as above I sell the DB37 pin Female solder cups on their own. Price 7.50 each,with solid Metal Hood 8.50, or if you want the light weight plastic hood Price 4.50 each + Shipping + VAT.


MS 1 Chip Extra Code Loaded Price 65.50 + Shipping + VAT

MAP Sensor 2.5 Bar Price 35.00 + Shipping + VAT

MAP Sensor 3 Bar Price 65.00 + Shipping + VAT

Map sensor 4 Bar Price 125.00 + Shipping + VAT


 2 Mtr Beldon Shielded cable Ideal for VR Sensor Price 14.50 + Shipping + VAT

DB9 Serial Cable 2Mtr ( 6ft) Price 8.50 + Shipping + VAT

DB9 Cable for Workshop 5 Mtr Price 14.50 + Shipping + VAT

USB Adapter (that works with Megasquirt) Price 32.50 + Shipping + VAT


Ignition Coil Driver Kits BIP 373 these are the best ones to use if you are replacing or modifying your Megasquirt 1,2, or 3 Price 24.50 + Shipping + VAT

Good used Coil Packs 4 cycl 45 6 cycl Price  75.00 + Shipping + VAT

Good used TPS Price  45.00 + Shipping + VAT

Good used Bike Injectors Price  45.00 each + Shipping + VAT

Aluminium Extrusion to make your own injector rails 4 cycl Price 85.00 + Shipping + VAT

As above for 6 cycl Price 110.00 + Shipping + VAT


We also carry a sellection of Bike Throttle Bodies sizes from 32mm to 42mm

We can also Program Blank or Corrupted MS 1 Chips.

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We can also supply all spares to repair or modify etc.

 Thanks for looking and happy squirting, any questions call or email me . Regards Eddie Walsh